Monday, 9 July 2012

Passion For A Block World!

I LOVE minecraft!! So, I was cruising Etsy, and I wanted to share a few minecraft handmade items! :)

Enderman - Matte Print - 13"x19"

Enderman Print

 Mincraft Inspired 3D Sheep Painting
 3D Sheep Painting, Affordable too!!

Minecraft Sticker - Diamond - Light Blue Only
Diamond Ore Decal, so cute!!

Cell Phone Cozy, I Pod Holder, Crochet Minecraft Green Creeper 

Creeper Phone Case

Minecraft Enderman Charm, Figurine, or Pin-Back Brooch (1)

Super Cute! I want the one holding a creeper head!

Well I hope you like these! Let me know if you find any cool ones yourself!


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