Thursday, 5 July 2012

DIY Fabric Stiffener

Magnolia ivory lace bracelet - product image

So I've seen the lace headbands and they are so cute!! I totally want to make one, but I probably shouldnt spend more money on stuff such as fabric stiffener!! And then it hit me--there's probably a great tutorial on diy stiffener!! Here's the one I found and wanted to share!!

So all of these lace items maybe dont need a stiffener but I probably would stiffen them anyways haha so it doesnt go all wonkity!

And there's the tutorial! I will be trying this soon--I have the lace, and the materials for the tutorial ;) so I will keep you posted!!



  1. what if the stiffened fabric or lace touched by water ?
    Does it dry as it was designed ?

    1. You wouldn't want it to be touched by water because the glue is water-based. That is the downfall of homemade stiffener.