Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Free Chunky Crochet Cowl Pattern

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Very versatile cowl. Can be buttoned up many ways to accommodate different personal styles.

Loops and threads Country Loom, super bulky 6

Color A: Warm Cream
Color B: Kiss Me

Crochet needle size N, 13 US, 9mm

Used approximately 175 yards of each color (so around 350 yards total).

ch = chain
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
fpdc = front post double crochet
bpdc = back post double crochet

(for explaination of how to do fpdc and bpdc, go to http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/how-to-work-frontpost-doublecrochet-stitches.html  http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/how-to-work-backpost-doublecrochet-stitches.html)

ch 35

row 1: 1 dc in 3 chain from hook. 1 dc in each chain across. 32 dc's. chain 2

row 2: 1 bpdc in the first dc post, (1 fpdc in each of the next 4 posts. 1 bpdc in each of the next 4 posts) do this 3 times. 1 fpdc in the next 4 posts.  ch 2, turn.

row 3-5: same as row 2. Keep following the same pattern, fpdc in each front post, and bpdc in each back post. change to color B

row 6-9: same as row 2-5, chain to color A

row 10 on: continue same way, changing colors every 4 rows.

you can vary stripe size by changing colors most or less often, until your cowl is the desired length. I ended up with 13 stripes total.

last row: sc in top of each post across, tie off. I'm sure you could also slip stitch across to make it more similar to the beginning chain row.

I ended up doing 52 rows of dc posts total, with the chain row on one end, and sc's at the last end.

Find or purchase buttons (I used 4, one for each front post set) that will fit snugly through the stitches in the cowl. The ones I used are about an inch wide, and they easily fit in and out of the stitches. Larger buttons will work too, but will take more effort to put in and out of the holes.

Care Instructions:
Machine wash warm, gentle cycle.
Machine dry, low heat, delicate cycle.

I personally would hand wash it and lay it flat to dry. I'm too afraid to put that much work in the washing machine, haha.

Enjoy! Please don't sell any of the items you make from this pattern, thanks!!

Let me know if you have any questions, and please show me what you have made. :D