Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Glitter Painting Tutorial Step-by-Step

Just finished an awesome project!! I enjoyed making it so much, that it never sat for more than a day untouched--which is amazing in this house hahaha.

Tada! Here, I'll show you how I did it!

You'll need:

Acrylic paint
A Canvas
Painters Tape
Alenes Tacky Glue
A Surface (portable is best, I used a large piece of foam board)
A piece of paper

Paint your canvas your base colour--mine was black. This colour will show through the glitter when you take the tape off.

Tape it off however you want. I just randomly did it. Whatever feels good, just do it!!

Start painting in each section with the base colour of what colour of glitter you are doing.

I went into my glitter drawer and picked a few colours that I thought went together nice--although I am TERRIBLE at putting colours together *blush!*

Mix some alenes tacky glue with about a table spoon of water and mix it up well. I used an old face-scrub container with a screw top so I could close it up and go back to it later without having to remix glue every time.

K, here's a bit more step by step of the glittering and gluing.

Pink section

Pink glitter!

Brush glue into the section. Try to stay just over the edge of the pink. If you go much over onto the tape, its wasting precious glitter! I ran out twice--good thing i work at michaels so I was going there anyways today to work hahaha to pick up more!!

Dash the pink glitter all over the glued section. I do the edges first, then sprinkle all over the edges. I didn't have a ton of the pink so I had to tip the canvas on its side to pour the glitter onto a piece of paper to catch it, and then used the sheet of paper to sprinkle it back on again, and kept doing this until all the glue was covered.

Tada! A section all glittered up! I do all of each colour at one time. All the pink sections--let it dry for a few hours. All the blue sections--dry for a few hours--etc.
Dont do more than one colour at a time or bits of the wrong colour will get in the other colours' wet glue and be not cool!!

Now is the fun part!!

Peel off the tape!! This was ultra satisfying!! Peel carefully, because the glitter shakes shakes shakes off! Ahhhh I got it every where lol, my husband yelled at me many times during this project hahaha.

Voila! It's my new centre-main-ultra-awesome-favouritest-piece-of-art!! Anyways i hope this helped you make your own!! Let me know if you have any questions!!

Have you made a painters tape painting??


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